The why and how of electronics-friendly component needs

January 27, 2022

10.00 hrs. CET or
15.30 hrs. CET

Webinar Content

20 min 10 min

During this webinar, Robert Janssen will demonstrate how the use of halide salts, which have been used as the preferred ingredients to minimize oxidative degradation of polyamides for more than half a century, can lead to the corrosion of metals and malfunctioning of sensors and other electronics parts. This occurs even when the metals are not in direct contact with the polymeric parts. He will also explain the materials science concepts (enhancement of both creep-rate and strength of the degrading polymer skin) behind DSM Engineering Materials’ new electronics-friendly (e-friendly) polyamides, using the case of PA46 as an example.

There will be a live Q&A to address any questions you may have.



Robert Janssen

Principle Scientist, DSM Engineering Materials

After a master in physical chemistry from the University of Wageningen and PhD in polymer science and technology from the University of Eindhoven, Rob Janssen joined DSM as a member of the Materials Science Centre in 2000. Since 2012 he is a principal scientist in area of functional materials properties, operating from within DSM Engineering Materials business unit since 2020. His focal area is science of materials for E&E applications such as (power) electronics and battery and Fuel cell EVs.

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