Advanced tools for color development

February 24, 2022

10.00 hrs. CET or
15.30 hrs. CET

Webinar Content

20 min 10 min

As consumers expect brands to offer more choices for personalization, color is an increasingly important part of the design process.
During this webinar Ellen van Hemelrijck will introduce you to an Advanced Analytics & Color Model tool which gives you insights in the trade-off between color and physical properties. Moreover, the tool will suggest color recipes for given color and property targets you select. This will help reducing the lead times for color development and bringing high quality matches for challenging colors in high temperature engineering materials.

There will be a live Q&A to address any questions you may have.



Ellen van Hemelrijck

Global Color Coordinator, DSM Engineering Materials

Ellen van Hemelrijck is coordinating all global R&T activities related to color and color development. She joined DSM in 2005 as a research scientist, after graduation from university as a chemical engineer, and getting a PhD in polymer rheology. She took several roles within the DSM Engineering Materials R&T organization, focusing on product development for several productlines. Since 2018 she leads a team of global color specialists and works closely together with customers and color suppliers.

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