Optimizing gears for electric brake actuators

March 10, 2022

10.00 hrs. CET

Webinar content

20 min 10 min

Unlike traditional vacuum and hydraulic mechanisms, electric brakes often require several gear-driven actuators to maximize system efficiency and reliability. Since electric brake booster and parking brake designs are highly compact, OEMs require actuator gears that are increasingly thin and extremely durable. This leads more gear manufacturers to leverage engineering thermoplastic materials that are more cost-effective and easier to process than metal.

Our expert Adnan Hasanovic, will highlight:
• Increasing durability performance of plastic actuator gears used in electric braking applications
• Realizing lighter and more compact gear train designs without loss of torque and durability performance
• Cost reduction potential

There will be a live Q&A to address any questions you may have.



Adnan Hasanovic

System Expert, DSM

Adnan Hasanovic is a System Expert for gear actuators at DSM Engineering Materials. In this global role, he focuses on tribological applications, such as gears and bushings, as well as structural applications for gear housings and covers. Adnan also supports global DEM activities in existing and new application areas. He joined DSM after he completed studies of mechanical engineering. Before joining DSM, Adnan worked as application development engineer and CAE engineer.